Of Interest

Long-form writing:
Insiders and Outsiders in South Africa. 2014. Focus: The Journal of the Helen Suzman Foundation, 73
Why Human Capital Matters. 2010. Focus: The Journal of the Helen Suzman Foundation, 59

Short-form writing:
Here Are 4 Reasons That South Africa's ANC Lost Ground in This Month's Election. 08-12-2016. WaPo Monkey Cage Blog (with others)
Decolonisation by Data: A New Agenda for South African Social Science. 07-15-2016. UHURU Now
Face-to-Face Outreach Can Get Youngsters to the Polls. 04-12-2016. Business Day Opinion & Analysis (with others)
Nation Needs Evidence-Based Debate and Decision Making. 01-20-2016. Business Day Opinion & Analysis
Do Voters Reward the Party That Delivers? Not in South Africa. 11-10-2015. WaPo Monkey Cage Blog
This Data Confirm South Africa's Ruling Party Ignored Mass Protests. 10-23-2015. WaPo Monkey Cage Blog
Enough of Racial Reductionism and Denialism. 09-10-2014. Business Day Opinion & Analysis
Reducing Zille-Mazibuko Saga to Race A Dangerous Game. 05-26-2014. Mail & Guardian Thoughtleader (with others)

Useful things:
MIT Political Experiments Research Lab conducts cutting edge work on political behavior and methodology.
MIT GOV/LAB works on governance and development related projects, typically using experimental approaches. 
Afrobarometer collects nationally representative survey data from across the continent. 
MIT introduction to LaTeX workshop materials. Files here. (co-taught over the years with Dean Knox and Elizabeth Dekeyser)

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