I'm a PhD candidate in political science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I was born, raised, and educated in Durban (eThekwini), South Africa. I completed a Master's in the United Kingdom prior to MIT. I study political behavior, political and economic development, and experimental and quantitative methodology for the social sciences. My work has been supported by the MIT Center for International Studies and J-PAL

At present my primary research interest is micro-level political processes in Southern African democracies. I focus on voting behavior, electoral politics, political psychology, and the interplay between elections and behavior. Some of my work is forthcoming at The Journal of Politics and Political Science Research and Methods

My dissertation project explores the effects of enfranchisement on citizen behavior and electoral politics in Southern Africa. In other work I examine the effects of democratic and non-democratic institutions on various outcomes, how to increase youth participation, the nature of electoral accountability, and the electoral consequences of intergroup contact. You can contact me at ddekadt@mit.edu. My google scholar page is here. I tweet about social science, academia, and some other things from @dandekadt